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At Scribble Consulting, we think education can shape people and communities in a positive way. We believe everyone has the right to quality education and we work hard to make it happen.



Learn English atVGC International College

VGC International College (VGC) offers general English courses (Global English) as well as IELTS Preparation, TOEFL Preparation and University Preparation programs. In addition to that, VGC offers many more classes to help and customize your English studies such as skill-based elective choices and afternoon Plus classes.

Scribble Consulting guides you through the entire registration process. We help you identify your English skill level and we also help you choose the package that better suits your needs. The support we offer has no cost. Once you have chosen the package that works for you, you will make a direct payment to VGC and not to us.


Advantages of Working with Scribble Consulting

  • We offer free guidance and constant support.
  • We live in Metro Vancouver and can also offer important advice that will allow you to enjoy this region.
  • We will make sure you get a great deal at VGC.
  • We only have an agreement with VGC because we have verified that they offer high quality education.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any scholarships to study English? We do not offer any scholarships. You might want to explore scholarship opportunities in your home country.
  • Can I work while I study? It is not possible to work while you study at VGC.
  • How can I learn more about studying and living in Canada? Visit the Government of Canada's official website.


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video Testimonies

Lino Coria, Ph.D.

Lino got a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia. His interests include digital image processing and computer vision. He has experience in both industry and Academia.

Other interests include digital media, STEM education for children, and storytelling.

For many years, Lino has been documenting his life in Canada via his YouTube channel in Spanish. This channel has more than 30 million views and over 60,000 subscribers.

You can follow Lino on Twitter and Facebook. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

Marcela de la Peña, M.Sc.


Marcela has a Bachelor's degree in sociology from Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico) and a Master's degree in urban planning from the University of British Columbia. Her previous experience includes working at Capilano University's Department of Continuing Studies and Executive Education. 

Marcela is very interested in bilingual education (English and Spanish) and has volunteered at several organizations that support preschoolers.

You can follow Marcela on Twitter. You can also connect with her via LinkedIn.



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June 2017

B.C.’s immigrants giving voice to their own stories

The Vancouver Sun featured us in one of their stories. You can find the article and video here.

December 2016

Beyond the Professoriate: Transition Q & A

Lino was interviewed for the Canadian magazine University Affairs. You can read the article here.